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Pioneer Emilee signs with University of La Salle

After Exploring many options our very own Pioneer Emilee Tahata is officially signed to University of La Salle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Emilees choice was purely based on Family Values, and the culture instilled by Head coach Mountain which is the same core values Emilee has been raised with.

Coach Mountain has been nothing but honest about the Colleges record in recent years and the fact that he is on a long build in the Women’s program makes a perfect fit for Emilees skill set and experiences.

Emilee is excited to be going to Philadelphia to help her Team and being so close to New York

City, smack bang in the middle of the most recent WNBA Finalists Washington Mystics and Connecticut Suns, Emilee has her goals to been seen and known in USA.

“Right now after a break I’m focused back on the grind and can’t wait to get to La Salle with my Team”

Emilees mother and Coach June JLady CLo Tba believes Coach Mountain and his Staff will propel Emilees game into the Player she envisions her to be.

“I’m extremely excited for Emilee who has continued to work hard and has done what she needed to do to make it to D1. It hasn’t been easy but nothing ever is when you want to be amongst the best, it takes a lot dedication and determination to master your craft and the game. She is a great team mate with game energy and I believe she is going to be a special kind of defensive stopper for La Salle and create some trouble for Teams offensively.

After meeting Mountain and watching him Coach in 2 on court sessions without a doubt Em is going to be a beast under him & his staff. Being welcomed into his home as apart of his family with so much love and respect brings peace to my mind that Em is in the right place.

He is hard and he knows what he wants, it’s now up to Emilee to meet his expectations and deliver her best for herself and her Team.

The Uni offers everything Emilee needs to be successful from Tuition to her clothing to food and Accommodation and more, this is a full ride Scholarship for 4 years! Emilee has had a good break letting her hair down graduating from High School, and we are now in preparation for her departure in June, 2020.

On behalf of Pioneers we will like to wish Emilee Tahata all the best on your next Journey living the College Dream and cant wait to watch and support along the way

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