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AGE - 16 years +



Greater Springfield Basketball Association is home to the locally owned and run basketball competition 

The Underground Basketball League hosts a Men’s comp and on the same night aim to host a Ladies comp in 2023 promoting active families and a culture of togetherness in our community. 

Our competitions provide opportunities for our young U18 age athletes to mix it up with some of our more experienced players and the less. It’s also a place for Fathers and Mothers to play on the same teams as their sons and daughters building a bond through sport. 

We cater for all levels whether moving out of juniors, looking to stay fit, just wanting to play with friends, returning from injury or even getting back into the game after time off. 

Come on your own or better yet get your crew together and enter a team. 

UBL Monday nights is the ultimate way to start your week!!!

We play with the shot clock forcing teams to play with a competitive edge scoring within a time frame. Playing in an uptempo game allows players to get out of their comfort zones, activates critical decision making in an supportive team and fun environment. 


Junior players transitioning up into Seniors for further development and guidance, will continue to learn all fundamental and basic basketball-specific skills. Our focus is still more skill based allowing these players to implement what they have been taught in trainings to make decisions in games. We try not to micro manage these players at this early phase of learning and game play, it's about taking leadership. 


The purpose of positive play is to cultivate a positive experience for players and teams focused on skills development, communication, fun, team work, building healthy minds and relationships with team mates, officials, coach and manager.

We strive for a positive playing experience. 


Our associations emphasis is on our members having fun in community, being a part of a team in the great game of basketball. 

Seniors have 2 full competition seasons per year and each season is 2 terms of school.


Basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world and Australia, it is wonderful everyone can play all year round. We are truly blessed to be building a community basketball family. These memories will last a lifetime for Pioneers! 

To play games every player needs a uniform which you will order upon registration or IF bringing your own team you will supply.

NEW Pioneers players can choose which respective House they will like to Join. If the chosen House is full we will notify you of which House has a spot for you! 

To help everyone enjoy playing the game we have a ZERO Tolerance for aggressive behaviour, or disrespect towards anyone, the environment and facility. 

We ask all participants follow our STAR standards spreading positive vibes and infectious energy with nurturing guidance. 


If you are interested in getting involved with coaching, managing, or becoming apart of our committee please let us know...

To get started please see information below

Pioneers STAR Values & Beliefs
WORK ETHIC (Work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work)
EQUALITY (the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities)
CULTURE (a sense of belonging and coming from many backgrounds who join as one)
RESPONSIBILITY (the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something).
ACCOUNTABILITY (an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions)
UNITY (the state of being united or joined as a whole)
LOYALTY (a strong feeling of support or allegiance)
RESPECT (due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others)
HONESTY (freedom from deceit or fraud, uprightness, fairness)
TRUSTWORTHY (able to be relied on as honest or truthful)
SENIOR - Purpose of Play
Provide a help line and anchor for mental health and disaster relief
Support player well-being, attitude and behaviours
Provide basketball improving health and well-being
Promote social interactions meeting others
Promote Community sports
Provide competitions to play basketball in our local community
Provide a safe space for everyones physical and spiritual growth
Game Days
Game Times
Games are scheduled from 6:30pm onwards
YMCA Springfield Central, 134A Parkland Drive
Games can be found on Basketball Connect App. Team Managers will communicate to you and your team in a chat set up in Basketball Connect App
What to wear
What to bring
What to not bring or wear
Injury/Prevention risk management
Compressions must be black our white or match your uniform
STAR standard attitude
Incorrect Uniform
No shorts with Pockets
All compressions are permitted
Water bottle
Bad behaviour
No Jewellery
House or Team uniform
Chewing Gum
No Cotton or loose sleeve Ts to be worn as undergarments
Groomed nails
Caps or sungless
Hair tied up
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Senior Duties
NO FOOD is allowed inside the courts - Food to be consumed in canteen
No Spectators are permitted to enter the team bench or score bench zone before, during or after games
Score Bench and Referees are provided
Arrive 15min early to meet your team
If you will like to volunteer as a Coach or Team manager let us know
Season Dates
GRAND FINALS is held in November. This will be a Jam packed Day of Finals and Community Fun
There are 2 seasons conducted each year, the first during school terms 1 & 2 while the second is during term 3 & 4
Season 2, 2023 commence July and ends November
SENIOR Grand Finals Day & Awards Event
GRAND FINALS - Top 4 Teams will play off Gold, Silver, and Bronze and receive Awards
The winner of the Grand Final Game will be crowned "Underground Basketball League 2023 Season 2 Champions" Placing their name on the Perpetual Trophy
SENIOR Competition Rules
FULL COMPETITION RULES are available in the SENIORS drop down or can be found the bottom of our website pages
Players are not permitted to fill in from another Team in the same division. Teams will incur a forfeit if player enters the game
FORFEIT FINE - The forfeit fine is double the game fee. Your team will be invoiced $90. Full fine is payable by next game
1 point per minute is awarded to opposing team. Once opposing team has reached 10 points the game is forfeited
Minimum of 3 players to start the game
24 shot clock will be used
Failure to register with Basketball Connect prior to taking the court will result in all games played forfeited by the association
Players must be registered to Basketball Connect prior to taking the court for first game in Underground Basketball League
Basketball QLD fee
$900 for a set of 10
$75 per set
This fee is charged at check out through Basketball Connect and paid directly to Basketball QLD
This fee includes games, administration and insurance
Cost is seperate to season fees and Basketball QLD fee
This annual fee is charged by Basketball QLD
Includes reversible singlet and shorts
$150 Fairplay - 17 years & under
You can apply if your child: is a Queensland resident aged from 5 to 17 years (inclusive) at the time of application did not receive a FairPlay voucher this calendar year holds, or whose parent, carer or guardian holds, a valid Services Australia Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with the child’s name on it.
When registering your child to Underground Basketball League enter your FairPlay voucher number which will go towards participation fees
Refer a Friend
This incentive is a great way to get your friends involved and helping us grow our basketball association
When you refer a friend and they register to play you receive $5 credit for the next season.
What happens after I register?
Your House Leader will be in contact with you and help you get started with your new team
You will be placed into your House and your uniform will be ordered
Keep an eye out on Pioneers Social Media Pages, Facebook and Instagram for NEWS and Updates
In the case of any emergency please email
If you will like to Volunteer your time please use link or our contact form


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